In Memoriam
Jaye Emrys
April 1, 1950 to April 23, 2023.

          On April 23, 2023, Jaye died from Acute Respiratory Syndrome, she was 73. Jaye and I have been together since Valentine's Day 1987. To say I will miss her is more of an understatement than you can imagine. I'm more than glad we had at least 36 years together, I don't know how I'll go on with out her, but Nuala our cat and I will manage.

          Jaye not only played the harp, guitar, and accordion, she was a quilter, cross stitcher, beader, embroiderer, and more. Her dying is a terrible loss, we will miss her so very much. As I have said, I am more than lucky to have shared 36 years with her, things just kept getting better for us and I thank you Jaye for being you and being with me.

          I love you Jaye, and I miss you.

Eric Foss
Your long time Love and Partner
You have been, and shall always be, my Special Bird

Jaye and her harp.

Winged Harper

Home is where the harp is.

A door knocker.

          Thank you for visiting my site. I've put up information about Harps and music, some photos of harps, and I've added a few small sound files of me playing my big cross strung harp. I've also written an article on how to make a case for your harp and I'll be adding more material to this page in the future.

“I Did It So Can You,” is more than a book about losing weight, it also covers relaxation techniques, exercise, stress reduction, and attitude. Its a distillation of the many techniques that have kept me alive for the last 30 years through a series of physical and mental-health challenges. These are the methods I used to go from a depressed, couch bound, fibromyalgia patient, 100 pounds overweight, to a cheerful, vibrant, triking harper.


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